Relax Pillow Mist Spray Lavender and Bergamot essential oils


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Relax lavender Pillow Mist – Lavender & Bergamot essential oils – 100ml – Relaxing aromatherapy spray

Pure lavender & bergamot essential oils for a calming & relaxing night
• Spray on your pillow just before bedtime to help you get a relaxing and restful sleep
• Room spray to create a calming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being
• Spray in your drawers to refresh your liners

Lavender Benefits:

✓ Promotes relaxation
✓ Eases muscle tension
✓ Helps heal skin irritation

Bergamot Benefits:

✓ Reduces stress
✓ Cleanses skin
✓ Deodorizes

Handmade, ethical & fair product
Crafted in Britain from sustainable origins with absolutely no artificial ingredients
FREE Delivery in the UK

Essential oils used

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